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October 12, 2008


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Noticed that you sell Koken barber chairs. I have 4 that I'd like to sell. Do you buy used chairs? Mine appear to be mid-century (I'm not sure though). They have been in my family room for over 35 years and are near perfect condition. If your interested or can help me to find out who might be, please contact me via e-mail. I can furnish pictures if needed.

Greenwood, Indiana


Hello Robin:
Just seeing this ad, even though it was posted in july of 09. Wanted to know are the chairs still available.??

Thank you,

Adam Ramos

Would you happen to have any history of this chair? I ask because I now own it and was curious of it's background.. P.S. The pegs in the base of the seat.. Brutal on the rear area.
Thanks in advance!

megan buttery

Anybody know what they sell for?

Bob Hult

I have one of theese chairs but it is in need of a major make over, does anyone know of someone who can restore them arround the Kansas City area.

Randy Wilson

I have a Koken barber chair that we are curious about. It is an H-28624 and is in awesome shape. What kind of a value does this have?

Greg Kempf

I am restoring a Congress Pedestal Hydraulic No 225, Pat. Oct 22, 1895. Apr.12, 1910 May3, 1910. May, 17, 1910 on the tag. I need a complete footrest assembly. Can you assist? Regards, Greg Kempf

R. kooken

I am related to Earnest E Koken, even though the name has been changed to Kooken in the USA. some day I would love to own a Koken barber chair.

anita young

I have an antique koken barbers' supply cair with the head piece --cushion on arms needs work any idea what it is worth/

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