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March 06, 2012



My health is fine and my occupation seems suitable, but I really wish I'd had you weigh in on my shoe situation when I was in the store the other week. A missed opportunity.


Ouuu, Florence ... I bet this entry will have LOTS of comments.
I just love love love that you offer people your thoughts.
If people want mind-your-own-business, they can go to Walmart.
Can you even imagine someone at Walmart suggesting loose-the -beard.

Ron Dirsmith

Once again, Is that really true?
"Sometimes people even stop in to buy a book. And I stop talking long enough to write up your sale."

Can't be.

Peter Byrne

At last! Florence is back in the saddle riding herd over those skittish book jackets. Her persona has shifted to that of an Anxiety Aunt or advisor to the life-lorn. Apart from adding this service in gold letters to the shop window, she should feature a display therein of Nathanael West's "Miss Lonelyhearts," a 1933 cautionary tale for all Sob Sisters.

Peter Byrne

And by the way Ron, as Pontius Pilate asked on his Quiz Show, "What is truth?"


Sara, It was such a lovely visit, I didn't notice the shoes. You can come in barefooot if you'd like. Maybe not.


Ron, You shut up!



Peter, Miss Lonelyhearts would not be in the window risking sunfade! It's a treasure. We're talking commerce here, not sentiment!

Taylor Bowie

Florence, I've heard that the weather in the Chicago area has been so warm that one could come visit while barefoot...wonder what your Spring and Summer will bring?

john c of falls church va

Note that in ALL the years
I have come in, I have NEVER billed your for MY advice and consultations...on the other hand, i note that you get what you pay for ..

john c of falls church va

you forgot to mention another of your services...


OK John C. you'd better be smiling when you say that. Actually all of it is covered under that one umbrella "yenta." Unless you have a degree, then you are a psychologist, and now that you bring it up, it was my major.

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