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April 11, 2012



Is it very wrong of me to kind of hope he tries to sue, just so we can read your account of the legal proceedings? I assume he doesn't have a case or that even if he does, he couldn't win--maybe my lawyer cousin Jane can set me straight on the topic.


I love your ending. Sympathy to the mother.
Yeah, but where was she when Mister twelve year old's mouth was running off.


Looks like a comic strip!
You should make one at the end of every month. Kinda "Best of" or "Titles, Inc Greatest Hits". It would be hilarious.

And yes, where was the mother? I guess she already gave up on him :)

Love Florence,

Shelly Reuben

Florence ~

As always, you are my hero. Anyone who can throw an arrogant twelve-year-old out on his butt can rule the world.

You have my vote!



Response from Florence Shay:
Sara, I must admit to getting panicked and phoning my lawyer/friend/customer to ask, Can he sue me? My friend said, No, the store belongs to you and you can admit or keep out anyone you want. A public building like the PO must let everyone in. Then he cautioned me, reading my mind, But you can’t physically throw him out.


From Florence:
Hi Olivia, do they have the occasional boy even in Barcelona that you’d want to roll down the street like a bowling ball?

Howard Prouty

Florence, if the little b*stard and his no-doubt-equally-obnoxious father do sue you, I will happily contribute to your legal defense fund!


From Florence:

Howard, that is so nice of you! Hopefully he won’t sue, but it’s lovely having you in my corner.

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